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Therapy Practice Owners

Run your practice. Don't let it run you.

Focus on your revenue management needs. Get paid for billable hours your team has spent by using PHI's Practice Management solution.

Closely track billable and non-billable time and adjust schedules to accommodate your staff and clients.

Your practice has many moving parts – PHI can help! From the Therapy Practice Handbook that provides step-by-step answers to questions about running your practice, to tools for data collection and billing, you can find the answers you seek with PHI.

Many practice owners attend our free webinars that provide business and growth knowledge on what every therapy practice and special educator needs to be successful. We work hard to make sure our solutions reflect the needs of the people behind the scenes in practice management, billing and the BCBA therapists who work directly with clients.

Still have questions?

To see the system for yourself, let us know when works best for you!

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