Behavior Technicians

Behavior Technicians
PHI's Scout Data Collection interface makes it easy to randomize and track observations, both on- and off-line.


Near-real time access to observation data allows you to make more informed decisions quickly on a client's outcomes.

Billing Administrators

Billing Administrators
Data flowing directly from the point of care eases the burden of tracking time and providing outcomes for claims.

Building a successful therapy practice can be both challenging and rewarding. Pathfinder Health Innovations is here to partner with you to help you find your path. We want to make sure you achieve success, help as many patients as possible, and get paid for doing it. 

Graphing and Reporting

Advanced, Flexible Data Collection

NET, discrete trial, task analysis, and complex intervals are just a few of the collection types accomodated in Pathfinder Data Collection.


Your Therapy, Your Way

Pathfinder’s system is built to allow you to enter the protocols and curricula you use today. Just provide proof of purchase, and you’re on your way.


Single Source Data Flow

Data collected at the point of care is easily aggregated and processed on progress reports required for insurance and Medicaid reimbursement.

Mobile Device

Plan Your Day

Pathfinder’s Smart Scheduler provides therapists an easy way to schedule and notify therapists where they need to be and what they need to do for the day.