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Therapy Practice Handbook

Starting a therapy practice sounds so easy at first. you just need to find clients, manage, and invoice them yourself. Right?

Then you realize there is so much more to running a practice – insurance claims, payroll, credentialing, compliance paperwork, marketing, taxes, utilities, hiring, and company morale. It can be overwhelming! Beyond the tasks of running your company, there are now people knocking at your door for a possible merger. You must think about how you can prepare for maximizing your clinic’s value if a potential partner comes to your door.

Suddenly, you’re realizing it is a LOT to deal with. Where do you even start?

The Therapy Practice Handbook by Pathfinder Health Innovations

To give you a taste of what is included in the Handbook, we’d like to share Chapter 7: Understanding Authorizations (“Auths”) with you! Just fill out this form, and you’ll get access to the PDF download, immediately.

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Start with “The Therapy Practice Handbook” (THP) – use it to navigate the twists and turns of managing a therapy practice and document your processes. This Handbook, exclusively designed for autism therapy practices by Pathfinder, was hand-crafted by our industry experts to answer the practice management questions you’ve been asking most and answers to questions you didn’t even know you should be asking!

Inside you'll find information on:

  • Credentialing requirements
  • Record Keeping, and why it matters
  • Onboarding your staff and clients
  • Patient intake best practices
  • All about Clearinghouses
  • Workflows of processes you’ll use every day
  • Forms you’ll need to effectively grow and maintain your clinic
  • Reference resources to online tools
  • A sample Parent Guide

and much more!

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