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Behind the easy-to-use interface, Pathfinder is an incredibly rich cloud-based platform. Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the PHI solution can do for your practice or clinic.

Practice Management

Invoicing – Get paid for the work you do.

Invoicing can take so much work, especially when you’re trying to keep a consistent billing schedule. The quicker you get invoices out the door, the sooner you get paid. Decrease your turn-around time by sending invoices using PHI.

With our Revenue Cycle Management Dashboard, all your invoices are managed in one place. See the status of each, and where it falls in the revenue process. Track which invoices are in the process of being paid and which ones are pending. You can even track denials so you can quickly correct them, and send back through in a click of a button.

ClaimsTrack your claims’ status – from submission to completion.

Improve your claims submission process with our one-click electronic claims submission software. Our Clearinghouse partner, Optum, electronically submits all your claims on an hourly basis to the appropriate payer and ensures your claims get submitted on time, every time.

Our system tracks your claims through the entire process, so you can follow it through processing to reimbursement.

With multi-level claims scrubbers, our system provides the most accurate billing possible the first time, so you get paid as quickly as you should.

Billing – Remove the billing unknown. See statuses at any time.

Billing can be the biggest challenge of your day. Have timely, proficient, painless billing for insurance, schools, state programs, private pay, and others, at your fingertips with PHI.

Define employee roles and assign different pay rates for services, billing sources, modifiers, and locations. Receive automatic updates of claim status daily, and utilize our one-of-a-kind Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) dashboard to assist you each step of the way.

Along with having access to the most experienced billing staff in the autism business, the billing system makes the hardest part of your job a breeze!

SchedulingDo more than just set appointments. Track everything.

Setting appointments is easy with our scheduler.

Create an uncomplicated schedule to show therapists where they need to be, and what they need to do on any given day, week or month.

Choose from a variety of event types, tracking both billable and non-billable time. Make operational decisions based on what you’re tracking. Review the amount and causes of non-billable time, and watch the progression of multiple appointments to completion so you can bill consistently, and get paid quickly.

Transfer to Secondary – All transfers. To all payers.

Some clearinghouses have direct connections to specific payers. Make sure the system you use also handles transfers to secondary payers like the PHI solution does. Educate yourself and just ask how many payers the clearinghouse supports.

People Dashboard – All staff and client information. In one place.

Don’t be surprised about credential statuses. Track your employees’ expiration dates and the clinic’s weekly productivity. Use the portal to add patient payment details and see any past due balances, review patient authorization status, and and see policy expiration. Best of all, manage all patients and new employees in one place.

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Data Collection

Progress TrackingSee what’s working and what’s not. Adjust and reassess.

Organize information based on how you run your business. Easily view and answer any progress questions you have about a client, even when working remote.

Export the information to supply for insurance claims. Track both patients and team members’ successes. Review the data to see where the most time is spent and pull reports to your specifications using multiple parameters.

Graphing & Progress Reports – Each of your client’s have unique needs.

Track your clients’ progress easily and automatically using PHI’s advanced graphing solution. The data you collect drives the critical decisions made to ensure patient progress. Prove progress and growth for each client you are working with using the HIPAA-compliant database to store and transport the data.

You can also ensure uninterrupted data collection with online and offline modes. Access the user-friendly datasheets to outline therapy expectations clearly.

Our Customer Success team will work to define templates for your practice, or you can export your data to Excel, giving you all the flexibility you need to track and improve your patient’s outcomes.

Offline CollectionCollect data from anywhere, at any time. No wifi needed.

PHI’s mobile app stores and transmits the data you collect, safely and securely. You no longer need paper and pen to track your client data.

No matter where you are, collect their progress into the system. Once you have internet access again, simply click one button and your data is uploaded and ready for you to pull reports.

Customized PlatformFlexible features to match your needs.

Your practice is as unique as your students; Your data collection tool should fit these needs.

From initial assessment to entering treatment goals; from data collection to graphing and analysis, and everything in between, PHI provides you the tool to track and manage all your clients’ unique needs.

The flexible features of the system accommodate what you need for your clients.

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