Practice Management Features

Pathfinder’s Practice Management Suite was built specifically for autism therapy, too. The software and services were built to meet the needs of a therapy center in Arizona as they struggled to meet the increasing demands of insurance and Medicaid. Over time, they branched out to meet the needs of therapy centers across the country.

shutterstock_238108852Pathfinder recognized the benefits of having data flow from the point of care all the way to claims documents, so we merged the platforms. Now, therapy centers can realize the benefits of a simple, smooth interface applied to their entire platform needs. Or, therapy groups can simply choose the benefits of one or the other platform.

Pathfinder’s software takes the therapy processes and converts them into a software tool. The functions of this tool include:

Smart Scheduling
Where has all the time gone? We can tell you.

Scheduling is a constant challenge for therapists. Between balancing patients, authorizations, available therapists, credentials, etc., many therapy teams find scheduling to be one of their biggest headaches. Pathfinder’s Smart Scheduling allows for flexible and efficient scheduling of billable and non-billable appointments.

With Smart Scheduling, you no longer have to guess who is available at what times for appointments with your patients. Pathfinder will automatically tell you the best person available for a time slot.

Bill it right the first time.

Pathfinder’s system can handle all of your insurance and non-insurance billing needs. To make this even better, Pathfinder partnered with Optum, a leading health innovation company, to process all insurance claims electronically to all available payors.

Pathfinder’s one-click billing process creates timely, proficient, and painless billing. And our built in form validation means that 97% of claims processed through our system are correct the first time.

No more manual submission of claims, no more lingering mistakes, no more delays in payment.

You submitted the claim. Now what?

Pathfinder goes well beyond a simple software platform. We offer full Revenue Cycle Management solutions, ensuring your claims are tracked and processed in a timely manner. Our team assists you every step of the way by reviewing your claims and clearinghouse reports with you, and educating you on these processes so you and feel more in control, and understand where your claims (and reimbursements) are during each step. We also work with you to investigate any discrepancies, or incorrect billing/reimbursement issues you may face.

In addition, we can help you with collections, being sensitive to how you want to treat your clients.

We’re a one-stop shop to ensure you get paid as quickly as possible.

Human Resources
This is part of the “peoplework” you handle.

Pathfinder can also be part of your human resources solution. Our Human Resources functionality enables you to track, store, and report on crucial HR records like employee credentials and CEUs.

You can also use our reporting features to track and report time for payroll purposes, allowing you to tie your time directly to service hours.