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We have the knowledge to share. Our free webinars offer you the opportunity to learn from experts in the industry. Whether the topic is best business practices, billing codes, hiring ideas, or Revenue Cycle Management, we share what you need to know to be more successful.
Pathfinder Health Innovations

Look for more webinars coming in 2019…

Our ongoing webinar series covers a wide range of topics valuable to
practice owners and directors, billing personnel, administrators, educators, and therapists.

Check back for new webinars, or download the slides from some of our presentations.

Pathfinder Health Innovations

Past Webinars

We hear more questions about billing codes than any other topic.
Ann Monahan, PHI COO, shared her knowledge on the changing January 2019 CPT codes in a November webinar.

Access the slides from that webinar, “The New CPT Codes are Coming!”

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