Pathfinder’s goal is to put you on the path to success with your practice. Whether it’s improved outcomes, increased revenues or employee retention, Pathfinder has the tools to help you find your path to a successful therapy practice.

1: Understand your Goals

The first step to success is to understand what you’re seeking. What do you hope to achieve with a service provider? Do you want to increase your speed to revenue? Do you want to know more about outcomes for your clients? Do you want more information about how your practice is running? It’s important to know what you’re solving and what questions you’d like to answer.

2: Request a Consultation

Next, ask for help. While our website can provide some of the answers, you should really speak to a Pathfinder representative to learn more. We’ll consult with you to get a better understanding of your goals, then we’ll present you the most relevant information to meet your specific needs. Plus, we’re pretty nice, so no need to be shy.

3: Receive a proposal

After we have a better understanding of your needs, we can then proposal a package of solutions tailored to your practice. It’s important to note that we structure our proposed services and pricing to coincide with your success. As your practice grows, we grow with you. We won’t nickel and dime you with additional costs. Our goal is for mutual success.

4: Create a plan

Once you decide to use Pathfinder, we work with you to make a plan. We’ll work with your team to establish a training plan, set goals for adoption and milestones to ensure a successful implementation. The main thing is that we want to establish parameters that allow your team to understand and thoroughly enjoy working with Pathfinder.

5: Get trained

We train your whole team. We don’t expect just one or two people in your company to shoulder the task of understanding Pathfinder’s services. And we specifically hire trainers from therapy backgrounds – we want them to “talk the talk” and fully understand any questions your team may pose. Finally, we’ll record these sessions so new team members can easily get up to speed. In the end, everyone within your organization will be armed with the knowledge of how to engage Pathfinder in their daily activities.

6: Succeed

The last step actually occurs over the life of your time with Pathfinder. We’ll schedule periodic calls with you, where we’ll revisit your initial goals and make sure that we’re meeting your ongoing needs. If there are things you need or additional questions, just ask! We want you to love Pathfinder so much, you’ll tell all your friends!