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Pathfinder’s Clinical Software Suite was built specifically for autism therapy. It was built to match the flexibility of how you provide therapy for children with autism. It was built with you in mind.

Pathfinder partnered with Microsoft to deploy the software in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, providing convenient, secure access to your data wherever you can access the Internet. We combine Online Management (Microsoft Azure Cloud), Real-Time Data Collection and Automatic Graphing to make the most comprehensive tool for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Autism therapy.

This software translates the analyzed skills into daily teaching plans and outcome tracking so that therapists working with children can efficiently and effectively develop skills and minimize maladaptive behaviors.   

Pathfinder’s software takes the therapy processes and converts them into a software tool. The functions of this tool include:

We’ve made it easier. Now you can plan for success.

Planning for Autism therapy is an important, but time-consuming process. Reviewing behavior plans, past baselines, data sheets, progress graphs, and recent team notes all add up to a lot of time and energy. Sure, you’ll get some buff biceps lugging around those three-ring binders, but what do you do when data sheets get lost?

Our Autism Software for Therapy Management does just that. We give you all of the information at your fingertips to help you plan and implement therapy programs in minutes. Our software can make recommendations for skills or you can easily craft programs based on past success.

Introducing flexibility, accessibility and control over data collection.

Whether you continue to use paper data sheets or chose to do real-time data collection, Pathfinder allows you to collect data quickly and accurately.

For real-time data collection, Pathfinder is available anywhere you can get to the Internet on a web-enabled device. In addition, you can download score sheets and use them in “offline” mode, allowing you to collect data without the need for a constant Internet connection. Finally, you can continue to use paper data sheets and enter the data collected through Post Facto Data Entry mode. 

Either way, recording data in Pathfinder provides you an accurate, secure place to centrally store and access a patient’s progress, making it available for the whole team as soon as it’s entered.

How much time do you spend on graphing? Now cut it to seconds.

One look at Pathfinder’s graphs shows that we provide you with the most informative graphs available.

As soon as data is collected and saved, it’s plotted on an interactive graph. Add or remove series, place setting events, modify axes, and drill down into raw score data to get an accurate view of a patient’s progress.

In seconds, you can create and modify print these graphs and save the data for inclusion in reports and insurance forms.

Recommendations and data at your fingertips.

Here’s where we leave the pack behind. Not only is Pathfinder the most flexible software for autism therapy, it is also the only software that helps you analyze the results of your efforts. 

By design, Pathfinder’s software won’t automatically make decisions. We don’t take the art out of therapy so what you choose to do with that analysis is up to you.

Our Autism Therapy Management software will:

  • Provide displays data via easy-to-use, customizable dashboards
  • Look for data patterns that lead to problems with the intervention
  • Recognize progress and recommend mastery to you
  • Recommend maintenance skills based on the child’s difficulty to achieve that skill

Just think of Pathfinder as a personal assistant to help you help your clients.