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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

How is privacy and security of information handled?

PHI partnered with Microsoft, ensuring your data is stored in a fully HIPAA-compliant, secure environment, accessible with a secured login for all of your team members to ensure the privacy of your patients. PHI does contribute to authorized research initiatives, but all data is scrubbed of individual identifying information to ensure patient privacy.

What kind of training do you offer?

PHI offers FREE training on our platform. Our Customer Success team will contact you to schedule your full implementation training. Plus, PHI provides an online resource library and monthly training classes to help you maintain your skills or learn new ways to improve your practice.

Does PHI offer consulting to help answer my insurance and business questions?

Absolutely. Our expert consulting helps you navigate the complexities of running your practice and getting paid. We offer a variety of packages based on your specific needs. Please contact us to learn more.

Can PHI assist credentialing with new insurance agencies?

Because every insurance company has different rates depending on each contract, you would work with our Senior Consultant to assist with those credentials. If your contract is not on the PHI platform, we will get the information from you and personally enter it in to ensure the process runs smoothly as you submit claims.

I’m starting a new practice; do you have resources I can use?

We hear this need all the time! To do our best to help, we’ve created The Therapy Practice Handbook. It has best practices, forms, resources, and workflows to help you start and maintain your therapy practice. You can download a sample chapter.

What therapy methodology is supported?

Yours! PHI’s Customer Success team can customize the software to align with your therapy methodology, including importing protocols, prompt procedures, and teachings tips. PHI ensures you can continue to offer your therapy, your way.

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