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Take Your Dog to Work Day!

On June 22, in a move that pleasantly startled all employees, Tina Youngblood, PHI CEO, agreed to allow PHI staff to bring their favorite canines to work for “Take Your Dog to Work” day. It is thought her main reason was so she could bring in her own pup, Oliver. As you can see, he adjusted very quickly to office life.

Oliver, enjoying his corner office.

Other dog attendees included Puma (Orlando, VP of CS), George (Mahva, Sales), Penny (Kristi, Dir of Marketing), Jade (Patrick, VP of Dev), Diesel (Rich, Development), Bunny (Mike, Development)and Chewie (Nicole, Training). Each dog had their own customized welcome sign, a few treats, and a PHI branded orange and blue tennis ball – which we hoped would make them feel welcome in the office.
Most stayed 1/2 the day…and others were relegated to an office to play.

Penny, George, and Chewie

Although this is PHI’s first year taking part in “Take Your Dog to Work” day, the holiday has been in place for twenty years. The day is meant to celebrate your dog and your local pet community. It has also been used to raise awareness for dog adoption. And for those who are not fans of dogs, or have other animals that are a part of your family, there is national “Take Your Cat to Work” day and a “Take Your Pet to Work” day. You can learn more about the history of “Take Your Dog to Work” day here!

Through all of the wagging tails and playful barks, there was still work to be done. However, the dogs felt as if they needed to be a part of the daily operations as well. Friday meetings suddenly became much more entertaining.

Great Pyrenees puppy, Chewie, and Nicole.

Although our furry friends eventually had to say their goodbyes, the day was filled with fun, laughter, and of course, a tiny bit of chaos. We hope to welcome the pups back into the office next year!

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