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Selecting Autism-Friendly Activities for Spring

With Winter slowly wrapping up it’s time to start planning for Spring! Hopefully, those plans include opportunities to get outside and exercise. But what are the best ways to include your family members on the spectrum? You’ve heard getting enough exercise not only can help you look better, but it can make you feel better, too. Here’s something you may not have heard: exercise may have additional benefits to individuals with autism.

According to Spectrum News, “Dozens of small studies suggest that, aside from boosting motor skills, movement-based therapies may improve social communication, attention, behavioral issues and performance on academic tasks.”

It goes on to explain, “What’s more, children with autism tend to shy away from recreational exercise and sports. One reason for this reluctance may be poor motor skills.” So how do you get someone interested in physical exercise if it is something they won’t attempt?

“While there are always exceptions to the rule, cooperative team sports such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey may be particularly tough for your autistic child,” according to VeryWellHealth.

Julia Connelly, Ph. D explained to HealthFeed, “While organized team sports might be the go-to for many, those who have autism often struggle with these activities because of communication and social difficulties.”

People with autism might be more likely to try sports and activities where there are less social cues required or ones where they are more comfortable. Some of these sports or activities include:

  • swimming
  • golfing
  • track and field
  • biking
  • horseback riding
  • walking/hiking

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Now it’s time to get your spring activities scheduled! Get out there and enjoy the fresh air!

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