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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Someone on the Spectrum

Valentine’s Day can be a confusing holiday for anyone. It can be especially strange for someone on the spectrum who prefers routine, thinks and speaks literally, or struggles with outward displays of affection and touch. These behaviors go against the grain of societal expectations for the “Day of Love”. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that everyone can understand and enjoy. PHI has compiled a list of resources you may find useful when celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone on the spectrum.

6 Ways to Help Special Needs Children Understand Valentine’s Day  Joanne Giacomini

Joanne recognizes that even if you choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day within your home, your child will still face it out in society. She shares effective ways to share this holiday with her son.

Five Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Family C. Dixon

The best part is that these suggestions are all low- to no-cost and are great ways to make your child feel loved.  C. Dixon shares simple ways you can include your children in celebrating Valentine’s Day. Make sure you click through all three pages!

Using Valentine’s Day to Help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Oscar Bukstein

Have you considered everything children  may face around Valentine’s Day ? On TV, in school, in stores, and beyond? Have you presented them with options? Dr. Bukstein provides important tips that may have easily been overlooked otherwise. This quick read will get your thinking cap going.

Facts About Valentine’s Day When Your Child Has Autism Woodburn Pediatric Clinic

If your child is a literal thinker or speaker, you should read this article. Woodburn Pediatric Clinic addresses  the most confusing aspects of the holiday to consider in advance, the extreme emotions involved, and the phraseology. Use these facts to make this day much more enjoyable and less confusing from their perspective.

Helping Your Child with Autism Understand Valentine’s Day Kelsey Cannamela

Discuss this list of important things with your child before he or she heads to school during the Valentine’s season. Eliminate as much confusion as possible and help your child enjoy the parties, crafts, Valentines, and treats even more.

What Every Teacher Needs to Hear on Valentine’s Day  Anita Lesko

Anita shares one of her childhood Valentine’s Day experiences that had a negative impact on her and her family. Read her message to teachers about inclusion.

If you’re looking for fun arts and crafts activities or special treats to make with your children around Valentine’s Day, check out these sites for ideas:

Valentine’s Day Activities Train Theme

Free Valentine Following Directions Activities Sasha Long

Valentine’s Party Plans & Ideas Sasha Long

Valentine Treats! Sarah Gast

Remember, there is no wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you spend time together and show you love and care for one another, then you’re doing it right!


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