Data Collection

Data Collection
The most advanced, flexible solution for tracking accurate data on your client's progress.


Balance the elements of staff, clients and authorizations to maximize your profitability.

Billing and Insurance Services

Billing and Insurance Services
Professional solutions and services to work with payors to help maximize your pay.



And spend more time doing what you love.
One-on-one interaction is essential in autism therapy. But, the rise of autism diagnoses is adding at least 60,000 kids per year to a limited pool of behavior analysts. As a provider, you want to devote more time and energy to the kids and less time to paperwork. With Pathfinder, you can:

  • Save time and money by reducing non-billable administrative hours by up to 50%.
  • Make on-boarding easier and allowing you to closely monitor the work of your therapists.
  • Easily compare outcomes from one therapist to another, which assists in identifying training or competency issues.
  • Recruit and engage new therapy staff by demonstrating your commitment to introduce innovative technology to help individuals with autism.
  • Streamline insurance billing and scheduling for your practice management.
  • Reduce data entry redundancy and accurately and timely file insurance claims and reimbursements.
  • Readily access outcome data housed with claim data, which is key for filing in a pay for performance and outcomes driven environment.